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Klopp Cameron 2021-10-28

Yesterday morning, the 2015 college entrance examination, which has attracted much attention from the society, officially kicked off. The 44,000 candidates from our city went to 27 test centers in the city to take the exam, welcoming an important "big exam" in their lives. City leaders Deng Qunce, Duan Zhigang, Kang Qiang, etc. went to various test sites in the city for inspections. On the first day of the college entrance examination, the major exam sites were in order. This year, our city will closely focus on the overall requirements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government to ensure safety, quality, and fairness, and make every effort to create the “sunshine college entrance examination, integrity college entrance examination, safe college entrance examination, and warm college entrance examination”. The college entrance examination is escorted to ensure "zero errors, zero accidents, and zero obstacles." In response to the increasingly high-tech trend of cheating methods, our city continues to improve anti-cheating technology, and 4G A Device That Blocks Cell Phone Signals is used for the first time in this year's test center. cell phone jammer

Yesterday at 8:30 in the morning, city leaders first came to the Hengyang Education Examination Institute Online Inspection Command Center to view real-time surveillance videos in the confidential room, test paper storage room, distribution room and each test center through the electronic monitoring screen. Afterwards, they divided into three groups to conduct patrol examinations at the test sites in the city. Every time you go to a test site, you must learn more about the surrounding environment, logistics support, etc. of the test site, and use the video monitoring system in the monitoring center to understand the candidates' on-site exam situation. During the inspection tour, Mr. Deng told the person in charge of the test center that the college entrance examination is a major concern of the whole society. We must do our best to organize the examination affairs to ensure fairness and justice; the relevant departments must go all out to do a solid job of service. To ensure traffic safety, food hygiene and safety, and personal and property safety, A Device That Blocks Cell Phone Signals allows candidates to test the best level in the best condition.