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Each individual multifrequency blocker has several frequency ranges


Multi frequency jammer for explosion-proof purposes

Today, in some cases, due to the conspiracy of competitors, big businessmen or politicians cannot feel completely safe. However, it is impossible to continue your activities with quality without leaving home. To ensure safe movement, it is recommended to purchase a special complex that can effectively search and, if necessary, neutralize various explosive devices controlled by radio waves.

working principle

Recently, a unique device - multi frequency signal jammer has emerged in sales. They aim to prevent remote detonation and detect explosives. It should be pointed out that all the characteristics of Russian equipment greatly surpass those of foreign counterparts.

To provide results, such devices must have a large coverage range. At the same time, its work efficiency has also increased several times. There are a wide variety of products, so you can find the right equipment according to your personal needs.

A set of such devices can effectively resist the operation of any explosive element, and their encoding is carried out using radio signals. The advantage is that it can be used in combination with other devices. However, they will not interfere with each other's work. Each individual multifrequency jammer has several frequency ranges within which signal transmission is completely blocked.

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For ease of use, these devices are placed in special circumstances where they can be easily moved.

Equipped with an additional power supply (battery), it ensures long-term autonomous operation.

The battery level is indicated by sound and light levels.

Usually, devices have a complete set of antennas that can be installed at any time to increase range. Some models have many such built-in elements.

Innovative technology makes it possible to increase the spectral density of devices several times. Therefore, the detection radius of various explosive elements has been greatly increased.

It is very convenient to use because the device in its design also has a unique scanner that can detect problems and immediately report them to the owner.

The kit is divided into several parts, so you can use each part separately.

The use of multi frequency jammers will ensure the safety of any employee for a long time. Now you don't have to worry in vain about losing your life or health.

When purchasing equipment, pay attention to the power and range of the equipment. These key indicators will be decisive. It should be noted that the signal blocking radius of explosives is determined according to international law.

Multi frequency jammer allows you to effectively detect and eliminate explosive elements. Nowadays, the driving of vehicles has become safer than ever, as all frequencies of transmitted signals are blocked. Influential people no longer bother to think about possible assassination attempts, but will calmly handle their affairs. The device is multifunctional and compact. Convenient to move and does not occupy space in the car.