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Lack of equipment and expertise for full-band jammers resulting in no signal in the area


Is it necessary to use a full band jammer at home?

Before reaching adulthood, children often have poor self-control and become addicted to mobile games. They spend too much time in the virtual world of mobile networks, neglecting their studies and gradually deteriorating their family relationships. Parents of children are also racking their brains to find ways to organize and prevent such incidents, so many parents want to purchase and use full band blockers to interfere with their home phone signals and prevent their phones from connecting to the internet. This can control the time children spend playing games online on their phones. I solemnly warn all parents that this approach is not advisable.

In today's society, there are many channels for purchasing full band signal jammer. It is easy to buy various types of full band jammers on the market. However, these irresponsible merchants fundamentally demonstrate that they are not trustworthy, and even if they can be purchased, their after-sales service will not be much better.

It is suitable for parents to use full band jammers at home, as the lack of equipment and professional knowledge of full band jammers can lead to not only a lack of signal at home, but also signals from neighbors on their phones. Different degrees of interference result in mobile phones being unable to make calls or access the internet. In case of an emergency or fire at home, the phone cannot make calls, leading to an escalation of the incident. Or the neighbor may file a complaint with the radio management department and discover that the neighbor has violated the use of full band jammers. According to relevant national laws, this situation is suspected of being illegal and requires legal accountability.

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So, using full band jammers in households is all for the sake of children. This mentality is understandable, but this approach is not advisable.

What is the service life of a full band signal shield?

Currently, many schools have installed full frequency signal shields. However, after installing the signal shield, their biggest concern is whether the usage time of the full band signal shield will be too short.

The full band signal shield will generate heat during use, which is a normal phenomenon. Electronic products need to have a certain degree of heat dissipation stability during use, just like mobile phones can also generate heat during use. But some signal shields with poor quality are likely to directly fail. Therefore, many people believe that this full band signal blocker is a gimmick, but it has not been used. But the actual situation is not the same, and the quality of full band signal shields from different manufacturers also varies.

Heating is actually a very normal phenomenon in full frequency signal shields, but this phenomenon is fatal for some low-quality full frequency signal shields. If it is a high-quality full band signal shield, there is no problem using it for more than three to five years, and a good manufacturer's after-sales service will also be very good. In addition, signal shields with poor quality often require maintenance and require significant funding. The quality of the manufacturer is relatively good, and the quality of the signal shield is good. Naturally, it can save a lot of money on maintenance, and there is no need to repair multiple times due to poor quality.