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In open areas, the interference range of signal shields will be greater


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What is the interference range of the signal jammer?

The interference range of a signal jammer depends on its transmission power and operating frequency. In general, the interference range is between tens to hundreds of meters. But under ideal conditions, such as in open areas, the interference range of the signal jammer may be larger.

Common Features of Band Jammer Systems

It is often inconvenient to manage areas that require the use of multiple full band signal blockers. There are too many full band jammers, and daily inspections are also a relatively large workload. From the perspective of customers, in order to facilitate customer management, Tuoxin Interference Technology Co., Ltd. has launched different full frequency signal jammer systems, which are divided into power carrier plus 433MHz wireless management system and TCP/IP protocol management system. So what do these two management systems have in common?

    1. Control function, including remote switch control of the full band shielding instrument through software, and timed switch on and off of the full band signal shielding instrument according to the set schedule.

These basic control functions are relatively simple to complete, and this function is also essential.

    2. Check if the full band signal shielding device is faulty.

The administrator checks the working status of the full frequency signal blocker through the software. Is there a malfunction in the response of the full frequency signal shield system. It can also independently complete detection and generate detection logs for easy management. Later on, the staff will generate tables through the full band shielding system to check if there are any faults in each full band signal shielding equipment. If there are any faults, repair them in a timely manner to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the full band shielding system.

    3. The most common function of a full band signal jammer system is to adjust the transmission power of each frequency band module of each full band jammer.

This function is necessary in some places, such as prison units and school units. Wait, if there are residential areas or centers with frequent personnel activities around a unit, using multiple full band signal shields within the unit will more or less affect the surrounding residents. In this case, the function of adjusting the transmission power of each module (adjusting the shielding range) is particularly important. It can reduce the transmission power of the shielding module of the full band jammer near residential areas, allowing the full band signal jammer to propagate externally.

The South Korean Ministry of Science, Technology and Information and Communication Technology stated that the spectrum will be activated on December 1st, with a 3.5GHz spectrum that can last for 10 years and a 28GHz spectrum that can last for 5 years.