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Private companies are licensed by regulators to register communications blocker


If there is a radio signal, there must be a way to stop it. cell phone jammer can easily eliminate any radio signal: interference signals penetrate the transmitter antenna.

Opening the noise transmitter close to the receiver may interrupt the reception of the radio or mobile phone. This device may be the least powerful. This is sufficient to protect mobile phone users from the impact of unrelated calls.

Even the weakest cell jammer can prevent the download of sensitive data. The range of such devices depends on their power. The cheapest device will suppress signals within a distance of 15 meters. At a distance of 15 meters.

Popular Tactical Jammer Device

Communication is not only disrupted by personal telephone users, but also in public institutions: in schools and universities, hospitals and clinics, manufacturing enterprises, and any necessary places.

When do I need a silencer

Buying portable phone blockers for various reasons: some people want to harm someone, while others want to improve the culture of making phone calls in public places. Some people just want to avoid unnecessary phone calls and conversations. For these purposes, communication silencers were used. No contact - no interlocutor.

Unlike individual users, public enterprises or private companies can officially register communication jammers by obtaining permission from regulatory authorities. However, for this purpose, the organization representative needs to demonstrate the need to use such equipment.

If the management of medical or educational institutions quickly finds evidence to support cellular jammers, it will be even more difficult for private entrepreneurs to find positive evidence.

Recently, mobile phones have become a convenient way of long-distance communication, and now they have become a type of forced sexual partner that can distract the owner's attention from serious matters. In addition, he also interferes with others. For people nearby, sudden phone calls and loud conversations can be very annoying.

During the production meeting, there must be someone's phone ringing, and everyone present will involuntarily shift their attention to this person. Many conference rooms are equipped with powerful fixed communication signal jammer.

In concert halls and music salons, museums and exhibitions, sudden and rude phone calls always seem ridiculous. For example, in the diagnostic center, they even posted notices asking them to shut down their mobile devices, but not many users actively responded to such requests. In addition to distracting doctors with the phone, mobile devices can also have a negative impact on the operation of diagnostic devices. If the diagnosis is wrong, the treatment will be wrong, and it will be of no use.

The main advantages of portable communication signal suppressors are: low cost, simple operation, and the ability to be used anywhere.