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Order signal jammers that can solve most protection tasks


Types and characteristics of conference room signal jammer

There are many devices in the modern market that can provide you with secret eavesdropping and conversation interception. These include eavesdroppers, miniature microphones that can easily be hidden in the ear or clothing, next-generation smartphones, and small cameras. In order to reliably protect this or that information, it is necessary to understand the methods of stealing private information.

order signal blockers protection

Among the most common listening devices that may require protection, it is worth emphasizing three points:

Methods of recording audio (this category includes various methods);
Hide video capture;
Wireless communication technology (this includes small tools that can access the internet and transmit information through wireless frequencies and GSM networks).

In each specific situation, it is important to decide in advance what plan protection may be needed and how much financial resources can be allocated for security.

If you need to choose a budget segment suppressor, then you should consider those channels that may be available for attackers to use. In this category, you can choose inexpensive detectors, suppressors, noise generators, or blocking devices.

If you need to provide greater 100% suppression, it is best to pay attention to universal devices with maximum downloadable channels and many additional noise features. This type of signal jammer can cover most of the frequency bands available for wireless transmission (GSM, Bluetooth, 3G/4G, Wi Fi, LTE, GPS, radio channels). The working principle of such devices is to generate acoustic and ultrasonic interference.

Higher priced devices can be used in multiple directions. The first is the suppression of the signal itself, and the second is the masking of speech by recording barriers or sound barriers. As a result, the recorded material cannot be deciphered. Among the characteristics of modern conversation room suppressors, it is worth noting that:

Optimal range;

Maximum invisibility;

The possibility of manual adjustment and calibration.

In our online store, you can order effective signal jammers that can solve most protection tasks.

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