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Wireless blocker avoid information leakage in wireless channel transmission


No matter how it sounds, the modern world is quite cruel. More and more technical devices are being used for espionage activities every day

Progress will not stagnate

The days of espionage activities conducted through eavesdropping under doors or keyholes are long gone. As a completely different method becomes relevant, it becomes increasingly useless every day. Today, consider a more effective and advanced approach:

  • Error;

  • Mini camera;

  • Various microphones;

  • Listening device.

If your competitors use such devices to deal with you, then if you do nothing, you will face a series of negative consequences, the worst of which is the disruption of your business. In addition, a careless word falling into the wrong hands may damage your reputation and even your family.

You can't sit with your hands crossed

As you know, there is a reaction for each action. Therefore, in this case, it is reasonable to use a wireless jammer to avoid accidental leakage of important information transmitted through wireless channels. With such a device, you can (within a certain range of course) eliminate camera shooting, neutralize errors, and eavesdropping.

Purchasing a wireless suppressor: How to make the right choice?

The first thing to understand is that we are currently discussing very serious specialized equipment that has been successfully produced domestically and internationally. This article does not necessarily discuss the "toys" manufactured by Chinese manufacturers and occupying a special position in many special devices used to interfere with radio frequencies.

Anyone who is absolutely interested in ensuring that important information is not transferred to bad hands can purchase a communication jammer today. Simply put, if you are interested in privacy, you can purchase such a device.

You do not need any purchase licenses, nor do you need the skills and abilities to handle such devices. The only way is to maintain humanity in all situations, so you also need to consider the people who will work next to you and use mobile communication.

Communication standards that the signal jammer can handle

As is well known, suppressors are divided into two types:

Monochrome system. These people can only suppress one frequency - a specific frequency;

Conversely, multi frequency bands will respond to all surrounding frequencies.

Based on this, it is obvious that the second option will be the most interesting as it will be a universal device. Everything here will depend on the goal you pursue: perhaps a single frequency suppressor is enough.

Size and pressing area

Silencers are divided into two types: portable and fixed. The former can be easily hidden in your pocket and used when negotiating in a coffee shop or office. The size of such devices is not large, so it is not difficult to hide them.

Static devices are presented in a more serious overall size, consuming a considerable amount of energy, but it is precisely these characteristics that explain why these devices are so effective. They are powered by mains power and can suppress radio frequencies at distances of 150 meters or more.

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Which model is suitable for you?

For each case, a separate model will be designed, and no one can confidently answer this question. You need to select the signal jammer based on the purpose of use. It is best to consult professionals who will choose the most relevant model for the implementation of your specific plan. After all, there are also situations where completely different suppressors need to be installed in the same room to fully protect oneself from information leakage.

Price Policy

How many people are willing to spend money to ensure the complete safety of their business and family, and to retain important information? Agree, everyone is different - everything will depend on the importance and scale of the information. Some people will say thousands of rubles, while others are willing to give tens of thousands of rubles, as long as what belongs to them is still by his side.

The same is true for signal jammer: they may vary depending on the strength of the device, the functions it typically performs, its operating radius, and price.

However, no matter how much you pay for various wireless signal jammers, believe me, it's worth it!

Make the right choice, compare all the pros and cons, enjoy a peaceful and carefree life, and be sure that no one is monitoring you and won't harm you.