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Cell phone blocker interfere with the transfer of files and information


What is the difference between a recorder jammer and a mobile phone signal jammer

Recently, the issue of protecting information and data transmitted over the network has become particularly important. Industrial espionage activities, conspiracies of commercial competitors, and the desire to "mine" personal evidence - these are just a small part of the various electronic device uses - tape recorders, phone eavesdropping, cellular jammers, radio frequencies, and so on.

prevent transferring information jammers

In the past decade, the degree of data and information theft in this way has increased many times. In addition, there are many examples in modern history where such phenomena have led to the setback of millions and billions of dollars in commercial transactions. It is precisely for these reasons that we have started actively developing tools to make various' errors' ineffective. For a long time, it has been difficult to find the necessary algorithms to block such devices. However, two models have still been developed, which form the basis for the operation of all such technological means:

Prevent the device itself from serving as a signal interception source;

Causing interference, making it unable to recognize information and subsequent interception.

For a long time, mobile communication has provided us with many new opportunities in information transmission. But at the same time, she also opened up broader opportunities for her own trafficking. The cell phone jammer aims to disable specific phones or phones in specific rooms or spaces. Using such devices can prevent making phone calls, transferring files, and information. All communication standards and frequencies, as well as SMS and messages, are completely blocked. In addition, such devices allow you to block wireless networks to prevent transmission, such as using Wi Fi.

What about the tape recorder?

Recorder interceptors are another type of device on the market today. Their main task is to provide comprehensive protection against the use of microphones, recorders, and other recording devices to eavesdrop and transmit your conversation. They provide similar information leakage protection by:


Laser pickup;

Wired and wireless microphones operating at different frequencies;

Smartphones and mobile phones.

How do they work?

Usually, two techniques are used to prevent eavesdropping:

Produce interference similar to speech;

Signal generation (ultrasound).

If we talk about blocking mobile phones, then it applies to all communication standards, including 3G and 2G. In addition, it should be noted that the device can also be combined with these technologies to achieve more effective protection, prevent eavesdropping and record conversations of relevant personnel.

So what's the difference?

At first glance, these two categories seem to duplicate each other as they perform the same function. But that's not the case.

Firstly, the operating frequency range of mobile phone jammers is wider, which allows them to even be used on some rarely used frequency bands. Additionally, if you prefer, you can disable any range. The recorder suppressor cannot boast about such a function. But their advantage is that even with high-precision recording devices that can intercept information from a long distance, they can still function normally. But due to the suppressor, their work became impossible.

In addition, unlike telephone jammers, they can use two techniques to disable monitoring devices. In addition, such devices are classified into special categories, each of which can be used together with specific types of devices. Usually, telephone interceptors are universal and have a wide range of activities.

Anyway, it should be noted that both types of devices have a wide range of activities and have equal capabilities in protecting information from leakage to a certain extent.

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