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Considering adverse effects, it is recommended to use blocker only in emergency situations


Once cellular communication and information transmission equipment begin to develop, information security issues become very important. Firstly, it is necessary to associate it with the fact that the minimum size of such devices is different, so even experts find it difficult to find them in large rooms.

A mobile phone is an unreliable thing

You can confidently view your phone as a eavesdropping device:

Using cellular communication channels, acoustic information can be transmitted over long distances;

You can even activate your phone while it is turned off, without the need for a phone trunk.

popular 8 Bands GpS Signal Blocker

It must be said that for professionals in this field, cracking down on eavesdropping is not a problem, but it may cost a lot of money.

Today, you can solve the problem in a relatively simple and affordable way - the phone jammer will prevent and suppress its normal operation.

Today, a quite common type of equipment is a silencer, whose price may vary depending on power and performance.

What are these?

The portable pocket jammer has 3-4 antennas, which can suppress the operation of any mobile device.

Therefore, it becomes clear why these devices are so popular among athletes, artists, and businessmen, who often need to solve important problems on "foreign" territories.


Suppressor "Scorpion" (interference with GSM, mobile communication). It is used to provide a "calm" environment on a small scale during negotiations or meetings. Operate within a radius of 5 meters;

Scorpio Intelligence. The range is 8 meters. Advantage - It is only effective when the base station is connected to the phone and does not require continuous pressing. Due to its small size, there is a possibility of hidden use;

Fixed "crocodile" signal jammer (jammer Wi Fi, mobile). Operate within a range of 15 meters. Can be used in medium and large rooms.

The fixed communication suppressor is used in large rooms. Radii -25 meters.

There are two types of jammers: active noise - which can block signals over long distances and "smart" - which in turn can perform selective blocking. The latter also allows you to dial emergency numbers.

As a preventive measure, considering that the jammer may have adverse effects on equipment located in adjacent rooms, it is still recommended to use this equipment only in emergency situations.

Where can I buy it?

If you are interested in GPS jammers, you can purchase them from our company - we offer a wide range of such products. Here, you will find various options for portable and fixed phone jammers that are suitable for each customer's taste and financial preferences. Our company's procurement can be either retail or wholesale.