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Cellular jammers operate only within strictly defined frequency range


You want to prepare a beautiful gift for your friend, but don't know what to give? Mobile signal jammer will be a surprise and essential for business operations. It is used to organize interference of a certain frequency. Therefore, all users within its scope will not be able to exchange data using mobile networks. All devices will not fully function and will not perform all the functions assigned to them.

So far, some devices can suppress cellular operators' signals within a specific frequency range. In addition, another option may be to stop working Wi Fi and Bluetooth. WiFi and Bluetooth.

Applicable scope

Your boss will definitely like devices that restrict the ability to exchange information within specific rooms. Cellular jammers are used to:

  • At the current location for the exam;

  • In hospital;

  • Doing business in the conference room;

  • In religious organizations.

popular Super Signal Jammer

Due to the operation of the device, you will be able to completely block the operation of the phone configured to transmit data. The range of this device has been extended to approximately 15 meters.

The benefits of cellular jammers for enterprises

When the equipment is running, only block in specific rooms. As long as you leave this radius, the phone will fully recover.

The cellular jammer only operates within a strictly defined frequency range. Therefore, the performance of other devices will not be affected.

You will be able to make all necessary settings using your phone.

Can block any number of channels simultaneously. The most important thing is to input the frequency range correctly in advance. As soon as the device is turned on, all phones within the radius will display information about searching the network. In addition, the possibility of accessing the internet has also disappeared.

When setting up suppressors, you don't have to spend a lot of time and effort. This happens automatically. A simple internet connection is sufficient. If it cannot be received at present, the device will operate in the previously installed mode.

Manufacturers usually provide users with a 12 month warranty period.

Almost all modern models are silent because they use heat sinks instead of coolers.

You will be able to operate the device indefinitely, but it needs to be directly connected to the power grid.

Cellular jammers do not have a negative impact on human health, so using them is completely safe. It should be pointed out that their work occurs within the same frequency range as mobile phones. Research has confirmed that even if it is related to children, it does not pose a threat to life or health. High quality equipment must include certificates confirming the testing and production of cellular jammers.

This device will be an excellent gift for merchants, especially when they are forced to regularly monitor information security. Now, when negotiating, you don't need to worry about privacy issues because the cell phone jammer will handle it properly. With it, you can ensure that your business is not threatened by competitors. Today, sometimes the most important aspect of profitability is the ability to preserve information.