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The power line powers the mobile GPS signal jammer while transmitting the control system


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Due to the need to restrict the use of mobile phones in many situations, installing a mobile interceptor has become the most effective way to solve this problem. However, users such as some schools, prisons, and detention centers have a high demand for mobile phone blockers, often requiring dozens or even hundreds.

So how to unify the control and management of a large number of shielding devices has promoted the synchronous development of mobile phone shielding device control systems. Several shielding devices with remote unified and centralized management functions can be seen in the market now. After comparing the product functionality and supporting performance, the problem arises. Why do the control systems of mobile phone blockers mostly use wired connections for transmission?

Currently, in the common control systems for mobile phone blockers, the networking method for multiple blockers is almost always through wired connections. Multi core cables for serial protocol networks. In addition, there is another way to use power carriers to power the mobile phone GPS signal jammer through power lines, while also transmitting the control system.

However, regardless of the above methods, their communication network is actually connected through wired connections. So some customers are thinking: wired connections definitely require construction and wiring, so can we use mature wireless networking technology to control several mobile phone shields online?

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Built-in 868/915MHz, GPSL2 1.2GHz, GPSL1 1.5GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.2GHz, 5.8GHz 6-channel radio frequency interference module, which can effectively interfere with most drones on the market, including DJI.Phantom, Parrot, Autel, Skydio, etc.

This prompts the management to execute the next control command.

When transmitting, the signal cannot be reached or the transmission distance is severely shortened. This will also make the entire cell phone jammer control system unstable.

Due to the factors analyzed above that lead to unstable signal transmission, most of the control systems used in mobile signal blockers can only use wired connections and networking methods.

When a mobile phone is working, it is within a certain frequency range. The mobile phone is connected to the base station through radio waves to transmit data and sound at a certain frequency and modulation. According to this communication principle, the mobile signal blocker scans from the low end frequency of the forward channel to the high end at a certain speed during operation. Scanning too fast can cause co frequency noise interference in the SMS signal received by the phone, making it unable to detect normal data from the base station. 2G3G4G5G signals prevent the phone from establishing a connection to the base station. There are phenomena such as network search, no signal, and no service on mobile phones.