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Protect your business with a variety of sound blockers and Jammers


various recording blockers jammers

The use of various recording interceptors and suppressors is the best choice to protect your business. Investing in installing protective equipment in a suspected theft area is sufficient to reduce your profit loss. According to current laws, there is no other way of protection at all.

The types of reactions vary depending on the type of recorder targeted by the suppressor. These can be acoustic generators that can generate various types of noise that human hearing can distinguish, thereby hindering high-quality speech recording. Unfortunately, this protection completely betrays oneself. This is a quite important viewpoint, and for obvious reasons of disclosure, this is not always the case.

Some suppression systems are more convenient in terms of masking, as electromagnetic directional effects effectively operate on the electronic circuits of so-called prohibited or unnecessary recording sources. Due to the silent operating principle of such systems, their application range has increased many times.

Contrary to device advertising and customer expectations, protecting oneself 100% is quite problematic. Unfortunately, not all types of recorders can be suppressed through work protection devices. There are subtle differences in this situation.

Firstly, it is worth considering that recorders are divided into different types.

In business visits, there are the following types:



This means that everyone needs appropriate protective equipment. After all, it is impossible to ask the so-called thief what device he will use to steal information. It still obtains various device options based on operational principles.

Another drawback can be safely referred to as the radius of the overwhelming possibility of device recording. Unfortunately, it is very small. The increase in power will inevitably cause harm to health, which means it is already within the scope of a set of laws that do not allow more efficient but harmful small tools to enter the commercial market for free.

The size of the device is also difficult to call an advantage. In addition to some modifications to the portable "jammer" form designed for outdoor work, the main line of the signal jammer is impressive in size. Usually, for camouflage purposes, they are either business briefcases, safes, or bulky details inside the surroundings.

Moreover, perhaps the most unpleasant type of recording machine for suppressing work is the digital recording machine in mobile phones, at least because of its popularity. It is almost impossible to find someone without a smartphone. Considering the design features and materials used in mobile device assembly, he completely ignored the work of hidden blockers. The only opposite option is to purchase a special suppressor. Specially designed for mobile phones. In addition, the phone must be as close to the jamming signal source as possible. This is not always possible.

However, despite subtle differences and drawbacks, even partial protection is always better than no protection at all. The growing market for write protection devices directly confirms this.

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