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The handheld portable jammer features a built-in rechargeable battery


Today, even children have mobile phones.

However, many adults are beginning to consider protecting personal information transmitted using smartphones or other mobile devices. If you purchase a jammer for your phone and connect it, attackers will not be able to steal data. With the help of this device, you can protect yourself from irrelevant and unnecessary calls.

The manufacturer provides two types of cellular jammers, and the signal interception radius depends on:

Popular Desktop 10 Band 5g Jammer

Fixed communication jammer. The device receives the signal and suppresses it at a long distance. This type of device is used for fixed line telephones because they work over the network and are bulky.

Portable silencer. Designed specifically for mobile devices. Their small size is equivalent to the size of a matchbox.

The micro GPS jammers is designed to block signals from satellite navigation systems. Any signal's multi range jammer can provide reliable protection.

The range of mobile phone jammers varies with different models. Many of them can be used to suppress communication signals of any frequency. These can be channels for radio microphones, tape recorders, and recording cameras.

The coverage range of a cellular jammer depends on the following components:

From the power of the equipment;

From the position of the operator station;

Regarding the size of the room.

Firstly, the selected frequency will affect the suppression of Digital Cellular Signal (GSM).

Eliminating unnecessary calls from users and depriving intruders of the ability to invade mobile phone databases, signal suppressors do not affect the operation of wireless Wi Fi internet at all. This type of equipment does not emit noise as they do not have friction components.

A characteristic of portable jammers is the built-in rechargeable battery. Their duration depends on the power of the device. Handheld signal suppressors are more popular than fixed devices. Their small range and low price are very suitable for most users. Such devices eliminate eavesdropping and are easier to work with a large audience.

This product can be ordered online, as well as wholesale and retail in specialty stores. Manufacturers provide signal jammer with different powers. For example, fixed devices have a range of hundreds of kilometers, while portable devices do not have such power. But since it is purchased for use, there is absolutely no need for a large coverage radius. 15 meters is enough.

There is a lightweight micro device in your pocket, and you don't feel its presence at all. You can open it at any time, especially when a specific situation requires it. This device reliably protects mobile phone users from eavesdropping. Although this type of product appeared relatively late in the digital device market, it immediately gained popularity among a large number of mobile phone users.