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Use software to automatically control all - band signal jammer to reduce personnel negligence


Student addiction to online games has always been a headache for many parents. With the rapid development of mobile internet and the updating and popularization of smart terminals such as smartphones and tablets, students' use of smartphones has reached a level of popularization. It has expanded to elementary school students and even kindergarten children. Schools face too many challenges in smartphone management:

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Cheating using devices such as mobile phones during exams can affect the fairness of the exam.

Browsing harmful information can affect physical and mental health, and even lead astray;

Taking a break at night, playing with mobile phones, and not sleeping can lead to a dull and vicious cycle in class the next day, day after day;

Students play games and chat online during class, unable to concentrate on class, resulting in a decrease in academic performance;

If parents or teachers take mandatory measures such as phone bans to manage students' phones, many children will develop strong resistance and increase friction between parents or teachers and students! How to effectively manage students' use of smartphones has attracted widespread attention from the whole society.

Based on the current situation, what we can do is:

Turn on the full band signal blocker during the exam, cut off the phone signal, prevent students from cheating with their phones, and improve the fairness of the exam.

School classrooms and dormitories are equipped with full band signal shields, which are set using the timed on/off function. The set time is synchronized with the school's daily routine, so that the full band signal shield can be turned on during class and rest time, and the phone signal is disconnected. Turn off the full frequency signal blocker and restore the phone signal. This full band signal blocker is very suitable for use in schools. The software automatically controls the on/off time of the full band signal jammer, reducing personnel negligence in control and reducing personnel investment.

Control the time children play games: Use a full frequency signal blocker to reasonably control the WIFI network signal of their phones, so that students' phones cannot play games online for a certain period of time. Reduce conflicts in communication between children and parents.

Guide children to play some puzzle games or learn software, and make education enjoyable.

Increase interaction time with children, pay more attention to their outdoor life, and take them to do more outdoor sports. This reduces the amount of time children spend playing games at home, which is also beneficial for cultivating parent-child relationships.