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The cost of buying a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth blocker is less than the cost of a data breach


Reliable information protection - Wi Fi and Bluetooth jammers

Wireless technology connected to the World Wide Web allows people to access any information faster and more conveniently, but this freedom is not always desirable - for example, in some cases, information only needs to be kept confidential. Fortunately, modern technology offers a variety of different wireless signal jammer to choose from.

In most cases, such devices are used in the following areas:

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For business negotiations, the information discussed is strictly confidential;

Non public meetings to coordinate the overall confidentiality plan of the enterprise;

In a closed presentation, designed specifically for a small group of visitors, competitors cannot access it.

Where there is secret information, there is a large amount of funds circulating, so the cost of buying a Wi Fi or bluetooth jammer is definitely lower than the cost of data leakage. A person with access to such information not only risks their own money, but also endangers their reputation, reputation, trust of partners, and customers. Therefore, any eavesdropping can be fatal for further business activities.

That's why distractors can make life easier for people whose privacy is extremely important in all conversations. If it is still necessary to transmit information outside a secure conference room, this can always be done through legal means - by reaching agreement with the organizer and using a landline phone or computer. But after all, spies are unlikely to take public action, and using smartphones, eavesdropping devices, or any other portable devices is easier for him, and he will feel disappointed here.

Entrusting your secrets to such technology will not disappoint you. Today's sample is applicable to all major standards for wireless information transmission, and even has a considerable range, making it possible to cover a considerable area. At present, the selection of such devices is so extensive that even individuals who do not want to have any private conversations openly are starting to use them more frequently - for them, there are cheaper and more suitable devices that do not interfere with neighbors. These devices are completely harmless to the human body, but they will completely destroy any signal and eliminate the possibility of unauthorized information leakage.