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A variety of different wireless signal jammers are available for information security selection


Popular WIFI Jammer

A suspect is a person who is ready to take any measures to prove his innocence. This applies not only to those who are truly unfairly detained, but also to real criminals who use modern communication methods and are able to negotiate with fugitive accomplices for release and defense. In this regard, purchasing signal jammer for UFSIN (Federal Prison Service) has become a top priority!

Powerful devices allow you to block all available communication ranges:

  • Global Mobile Communication System 900-1800;
  • Code Division Multiple Access;
  • 3G;
  • Wireless internet access.

Such devices ensure that no one can establish unauthorized communication with the outside world on the territory entrusted to national institutions. The action of Damped wave extends 360 degrees, and it can even penetrate reinforced concrete. Today, this is very important because, for example, the "think tank" of the gang, who has been arrested and imprisoned, can continue to coordinate the criminal behavior of their accomplices from their cells! Among other things, this device can not only reliably interfere with mobile communication, but also interfere with any other monitoring device, making it possible to engage in confidential conversations, interrogations, and make punitive decisions.

Although the name indicates a theoretical purpose, the device can also be used in places completely unrelated to prison services. In our era, the price of such signal jammer allows any business or private entrepreneur to purchase such devices if confidentiality or trade secrets are required.

This type of device is bulky, heavy, and takes up a lot of space, making it unlikely to be carried, but it was enough to be completely transferred when installed in the office several decades ago, when there was no "spy" technology yet! The scope of the proposed model is broad enough to choose the best combination of power, quality, and price, and employees may not realize that the reason for the lack of communication throughout the enterprise is hidden in the equipment owner's office within the enterprise.

From now on, confidential information is indeed confidential, but do not pass on valuable data to unconfirmed individuals. These are crucial conditions for security, good business, publicity, and other activities, and monitoring information security is crucial in these activities.