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Install a fixed jammer in the secret room


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Many mobile phone users have the idea of purchasing portable phone blockers.

There are the following reasons:

Need silence. It is particularly necessary in crowded places. These are concert halls, theaters, educational institutions, conference rooms, and other public places, where sudden calls can distract the attention of other participants in the event.

Need to retain information that users consider confidential. He also doesn't want his conversation to be eavesdropped. Jammers for mobile phones and other mobile devices can reliably help solve this problem.

The necessary confidentiality of certain organizations. These are industrial and military complexes, closed companies, nuclear power plants, etc. Generally speaking, information leakage from these organizations may lead to unpleasant consequences.

It is necessary to suppress communication signals to prevent terrorist negotiations. Fixed or even portable GPS jammers can eliminate explosive devices. It does not transmit signals to explosives, and the radio detonator does not work.

The most common method of illegally extracting information is:

  • Photo and video surveillance

  • Use technical equipment to listen to places;

  • Intercepting confidential information;

  • Stealing data carriers;

  • Prohibit the use of user terminals.

To avoid any data theft methods, you need to purchase a signal jammer and carry it with you. More powerful fixed jammers have been installed in rooms where secret information is often heard. Simulating possible threats can determine the most effective protective measures. To properly assess potential threats, you should consider the sources of confidential information: company employees, technical media, printed documents, industrial waste, etc.

Only high-quality communication jammers can provide acoustic protection for any room. There are many ways to protect sound.

The most effective methods are as follows:

Sound signal attenuation under natural noise background;

Prohibit high-frequency audio signals from passing through;

Detect the electroacoustic and electromagnetic signals of recording equipment (recorders, recorders);

Illegal connection detected on the phone line;

Create hidden acoustics and electromagnetic interference;

Ultrasonic suppression of recording equipment on magnetic media;

Generate point radio interference.

An equally effective acoustic protection method is to use high-quality room soundproofing materials to reduce the penetration of voice signals.

In addition, there are proactive methods for protecting voice information - this involves using jammers and other technological devices.