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How To Beat A Cell Phone Jammer

Hanly Monique 2021-6-5

In recent years, signal jamming devices have been widely used. The precedents of fraudulent activities using communication equipment in the college entrance examination have completely eliminated these phenomena. So what is the principle of How To Beat A Cell Phone Jammer used in the college entrance examination? In fact, this is the time it takes for the phone to send and receive messages. A cell phone jammer is like a loud device. The output of the "noise signal" is too loud to hear the original sound. Also called a wireless jammer. In short, the role of the shielding device is not to block the phone signal, but to interfere with or cover it. It supports the use of electromagnetic signals, which is very convenient when dealing with a large number of harmful signals. When using wireless communication equipment, the phone is always used, but there are also invisible wires that act as mobile phone base stations. The first step in making and receiving calls is to connect to a nearby mobile phone base station. When a left-handed person uses his left and right hands to make a call to a right-handed person, the electromagnetic waves emitted by the mobile phone will not be transmitted directly from the left hand to the right hand, but in a simple case, the distance the mobile phone travels to the left. cell phone jammer

Today, the How To Beat A Cell Phone Jammer in the doctor's office is very common in places such as doctor's office. Many people don't know how many cell phone jammers are in this type of office. Fortunately, some people can be deceived after entering the examination room. I got the result. Many people think this is similar to a router. Probably just a disguise. In fact, they are all wrong ideas. The signal jammer in the test room is a bit like a router, but it is not a router. It is a device that blocks the connection between the mobile phone and the signal base station. Now even every classroom in many schools has such signal jamming devices. This kind of mobile phone signal jammer is small and space-saving. In addition, since the shell is made of metal, it is well protected, with the focus on preventing moisture.