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Radek Moritz 2022/3/11

Regarding the judicial examination work organized and implemented in Hainan this year, Yang Feng, director of the National Judicial Examination Division of the Provincial Department of Justice, said that this year's candidates refer to personnel from the public, procuratorial, and legal departments. , students and social personnel account for 1/3, and Hainan takes the lead. The security verification channel has been implemented nationwide. Professional security personnel will identify candidates' ID cards and themselves. After the examinee enters the examination room, the invigilator will also confirm the identity of the examinee on the spot to prevent the "gunman" from taking the examination. It is worth noting that this year's Hainan exam room uses Verizon Number Blocking Cell Phone for the first time, which can completely block the mobile phone signals of each exam room and cheat in a targeted manner without affecting the use of mobile phones in surrounding areas. In addition, Hainan also invited the Provincial Broadcasting Commission and the Provincial Public Security Department to send 2 monitoring vehicles and testing personnel to use a combination of mobile testing and fixed-point monitoring to ensure that candidates have a fair and equitable examination environment and a normal examination environment. Hainan National Judicial Examination. in order.

Perhaps everyone should know that in many countries, there is no clear legal regulation for Verizon Number Blocking Cell Phone device, but for our use, we should also understand the relevant precautions, including the protection of device performance, and where it can be used. cell phone jammer is one of our common cell phone signal jammers. The use of cell phones is prohibited to prevent nuisance calls and cell phone ringing. GPS satellite positioning jammer protects vehicle whereabouts, avoids tracking, and protects location privacy.