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Cell Phone Code Block Caller Id

Perfectjammer 2022-03-02

Cell Phone Code Block Caller Id

Now our Cell Phone Code Block Caller Id is applicable to a wide range of places, mainly meeting places that need to be kept confidential, such as some party and government agencies and enterprises, courts, detention centers, large, medium and small prisons, etc., standardized examination rooms such as college entrance examination, grade 4 and 6, and judicial affairs, all prohibit the use of mobile phones place. So what are the functional and structural features of our signal jammer? The cell phone jammer adopts a high-scatter aluminum alloy shell, which has a low working temperature and a more stable shielding effect. It has a built-in silent turbo fan and has low working noise. Its separate power adapter, signal jammer's external antenna design, unified one end interface make the appearance more beautiful and decent, and it has an anti-loosening design, and the antenna and the host have marked working frequency bands to facilitate one-to-one correspondence. Now our mobile phone signal jammer adopts foreign advanced chips and technology, slow-start circuit design, high integration, multi-channel segmented independent shielding technology, better effect, ultra-high frequency jamming technology, only interferes with downlink, not base station.

Speaking of our Cell Phone Code Block Caller Id , its shielding effect is the signal value obtained for a certain frequency band when the shielding box is opened and closed when the product is tested. The subtraction of the front and rear values ​​is the shielding effect. The unit is DB, and the subtraction is a negative If the negative value is smaller, the effect of the shielding box will be better. Before testing the shielding effect, you must be prepared. Due to the capacity requirements of cell phone jammers, often the RF test process is run in parallel by multiple identical test stations. The pass rate of one or some test stations is low; the reduction in output will lead to bottlenecks in the production line and a sharp increase in production costs. The reasons can be roughly divided into: product design or material reasons, testing problems (errors) test problems), environmental factors such as radio frequency interference, and test uncertainties. Signal jammers are mainly through electromagnetic interference/EMI in the entire electronic field. It is a problem that must be faced and overcome at present. Generally, wireless communication products such as mobile phones, wireless network cards, wireless routers, wireless headsets, Bluetooth headsets, wi-fi, wimax , data cards, walkie-talkies, RFID and other wireless communication equipment and wireless communication modules are used in the process of board test and final test to improve the test environment by using RF test shield box/RF Shield Box.

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