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Does Yondr Block Cell Phone Signal Prevent Cheat Devices

Perfectjammer 2022/04/06

Does Yondr Block Cell Phone Signal

According to reports, all candidates entering the examination room will undergo strict security checks. Each exam room is equipped with metal detectors and ID card readers. On the one hand, the ID card is checked to confirm that the test taker is the person and not someone else taking the test. On the other hand, check if candidates bring cheating devices into the exam room. "Only after passing through these two 'gates' can you enter the examination room to take the test." It is also reported that next year's college entrance examination will also introduce a fingerprint recognition system. Fingerprints will be checked and a line of defense will be added to prevent taking the exam. "Once a candidate is late and cannot enter the examination room, the invigilator needs to patiently persuade them to enter the examination room. There is still a line of defense, and a Does Yondr Block Cell Phone Signal will be placed in front of the examination room." According to reports, in previous years, especially in English subject tests, individual candidates would be punished because of wrong time. Shut out.

The No. 2 middle school test center has set up a coordination room to communicate with late candidates and their parents without affecting the normal examination of other candidates. Prisons are known to face new problems. Criminals control their operations inside the prison and coordinate their escape efforts. You need to install a strong deterrent in the prison. You can block the transmission of Wi-Fi signals. This high power Does Yondr Block Cell Phone Signal can interfere up to 150m. Can be used directly. Reasonable allocation is required during installation. Mobile phones cannot be used in special places to prevent situations in important places such as prisons. Use high-powered and ultra-effective military moves cell phone jammer . It is designed with high output power. It meets the requirements for both outdoor and indoor use. Has impact resistance. can make a difference. Help maintain the required security.

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