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Cell Phone Number Block Verizon

Blau Luka 2022-01-07

As the operator, Mr. Guo believes: "Just like the fact that phone calls are not allowed on the plane, the installation of Cell Phone Number Block Verizon at gas stations is a security measure, not to deprive others of their communication rights." It is a tort without legal authorization, the judge said, in public places Whether or not cell phone jammer can be used is not clearly stipulated by current laws and regulations. However, in terms of individual rights of citizens, it is a tort if any unit uses such signal blocking equipment without authorization by laws and regulations to forcibly block personal communications and deprive individuals of the right to unimpeded communications. If the individual suffers losses due to this, the installer can be held legally responsible. Cell phone jammers are illegal. Yesterday, the director of the Office of the Municipal Radio Management Committee, he said that this product is firstly operated and installed without approval, secondly, it can interfere with legal radio stations, and thirdly, this device itself is illegal.

According to the regulations of my country's radio management, radio interference shall not be released to legally established radio stations. "Units and individuals who want to install and use radio transmission equipment must report to the Municipal Commission of the State Council and obtain a license, but interference equipment like Cell Phone Number Block Verizon will not be approved." "The Radio Administration of the Ministry of Information Industry as early as 2001 On June 14, a notice was issued to prohibit the illegal development, production and use of radio interference equipment. The notice stated that the use of such equipment in society disrupted the order of mobile radio waves and seriously violated the legal freedom of communication of mobile phone users. It must be stopped in accordance with the law.” Citizens who discover unauthorized installation of radio stations without approval can report to the Municipal Non-Administrative Committee. 80% of citizens do not accept Yesterday, the reporter surveyed ten citizens, and 80% of the citizens said that it is unacceptable to use mobile phone jammers at gas stations to deprive citizens of their right to talk, and it is also an illegal act.