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Number 1 Ad Blocker For Android Cell Phones Prevent Students From Playing With Cell Phones

Perfectjammer 2022/05/10

Through the observation and understanding of the school teachers, many students now carry mobile phones. Except for a very small part of the students who use mobile phones as normal applications, most of them use mobile phones to surf the Internet, chat, play games, read novels, and have sex. What's more, some students will contact with some idle people in the society, which has brought great harm to the education of the school and the growth of students! It is even more difficult for students to be found, managed, and restrained when they play mobile phones under the quilt during the dormitory break. In this regard, some schools have installed Number 1 Ad Blocker For Android Cell Phones in the dormitory area to prevent students from playing mobile phones during breaks. The purpose is also to enable students to develop good and healthy living habits, go to bed early and get up early, so as not to faint due to lack of sleep the next day. Drowsy, unable to concentrate on study, lectures. Generally, the Cell Phone Jammer installed in the student dormitory is recommended to be turned on within two hours after the lights are turned off, which can not only ensure the purpose of preventing students from playing with mobile phones, but also save power and prolong the service life of the signal jammer. Since it does not need to be turned on for a long time for 24 hours, the requirements for the continuous operation of the signal jammer are not too high. When choosing a mobile phone signal jammer, there is no need to choose a too expensive one, which further controls the capital cost.

There are less than 40 days before the college entrance examination in 2022. All school test centers are rushing to bid and purchase mobile phone jammers in the test room. In order to meet the requirements of the school test room environment, there are some specific requirements for the model and parameters of the mobile phone signal blocker. The school test room Number 1 Ad Blocker For Android Cell Phones How should the model parameters be selected? The parameters of the signal jammer mainly include shielding frequency, effective shielding distance, single-channel transmit power, power consumption, voltage, etc. If you want to choose a signal jammer suitable for your test center, you need to choose according to the surrounding environment of the test room and the specific parameters of the mobile phone signal jammer. Especially with regard to the shielding range, if the shielding range is too small, the overall coverage of the examination room cannot be achieved, and it is easy for candidates to cheat; if the shielding range is too large, it will affect the daily life of the surrounding residents. cause trouble.