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Ma Jewish 2021-09-01

Recently, a Florida high school teacher was suspended for five days for using Cell Phone Jammer Fcc to block students’ cell phone signals in the classroom. According to relevant legal persons, the federal law prohibits the operation, promotion or sale of any type of signal jamming equipment because it will endanger important safety communications, such as the inability to call the police in time when there is a crisis. The person involved, science teacher Dean Liptak, argued that the signal jammers were deployed only to allow students to focus on the class rather than distract them from looking down at their phones from time to time. He said, cell phone jammer I bought the device from Amazon and learned how to operate it based on a YouTube video.

In this regard, the author only talks about two things. One is that the teacher’s class is so boring that students will lower their heads to play with their mobile phones. What do you mean by using illegal means to hinder others’ freedom of communication instead of reviewing your teaching level? The second is that if this incident happened in China, it is estimated that teachers are not witty enough to use Cell Phone Jammer Fcc this kind of tall stuff, but they will confiscate students’ mobile phones or even destroy them: of course this is suspected of infringing on other people’s property, the same is true illegal.