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An interceptor or jammer consists of several basic components


In our era, silence is the greatest luxury that modern people can afford. Why? Yes, because mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, it is almost impossible to avoid them. If you are watching a theatrical performance or a long awaited classical concert, simply turn off your phone. People who enjoy meaningless phone conversations often break such important silence at this moment and come up with a new device with innovative technology called a signal jammer or mobile jammer.

Cellular jammer or jammer - what is it? what is it?

jammer GSM device or cellular jammer is a versatile device that can serve as a blocker for cellular signals. This device fully meets its purpose - to suppress communication within its service area.

What is the jammer made of?

A jammer or jammer consists of several basic components, namely a microcontroller, integrated link, module, and power amplifier. This device is powered by a battery, which is the same as the battery used to operate a mobile phone. Therefore, this type of battery is attached to the interference board.

The working principle of the jammer

Now let's briefly introduce the working principle of mobile jammers. This device is a signal generator without any information. Simply put, it is only noise of certain frequencies. Special power amplifiers equipped with jammers can best enhance such signals or noise. Therefore, this noise can significantly interrupt the provided signal and interfere with phone conversations. In this simple way, you can mute very annoying cellular devices.

Popular 10-way signal jammer

However, community suppression is not the only positive feature of jammers. The device is called multifunctional for no reason. This device can block wireless internet, Wi Fi, 3G, and Bluetooth.

Characteristics of jammers

The work of this cell disruptor has several unique characteristics. This device only operates after 15 seconds of power on. Therefore, if you want to interrupt the conversation session, you need to turn on the jammer slightly earlier than the connection occurs. You should also consider the range of telephone jammers. The average value is 7-8 meters. Of course, the range may be higher, but it depends on the model you choose.

Scope of communication jammer

This multifunctional device has penetrated into many fields of human life. It is actively used in business to avoid the leakage of confidential information. Without this innovative device, office meetings and important business conversations will no longer be complete. Customs organizations, law enforcement agencies, and correctional institutions actively use jammers in their work. Educational institutions can check students' real knowledge with the help of distractors, as by closing internet connections, they allow students to rely solely on themselves without the need for external prompts.