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A signal blocker would be a great gift


Various advertising slogans urge us to stay in touch at all times, but is this really necessary for a person? Of course, you need to take the opportunity to relax and temporarily turn off your gadgets and personal computer. In addition, electronic devices also require rest.

If you frequently fly, as you know, your smartphone must be turned off or entered into a special mode, or you just don't want your phone to be hacked, you can't mess with the settings, but use the phone's silencer cover. This type of device looks no different from a regular casing, but inside it is a radio shielding fabric that can isolate the device from incoming or outgoing signals in various frequency bands (GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS, 3G). And signals from the phone itself will not enter the mobile network separately. Therefore, if you don't want to receive messages and calls, just put your phone in a protective case. This type of signal jammer will be a great gift for the New Year, as it has many advantages:

Easy to use - When the phone is in the protective case, the eavesdropping protection function is activated. If you need to make a call, simply remove the iPhone from the protective case;

Security - The signal jammer is absolutely safe for both humans and mobile devices;

The outer layer material is moisture-proof and wear-resistant;

The lid has two compartments - for phones with anti damage coatings and backup batteries;

$99.99 $204.75

This is typically used when someone has placed a tracking device on you or your vehicle and you need to go somewhere to prevent unwanted GPS signals.

The manufacturer provides a longer warranty period;

The cover is produced in its original packaging, making it a great gift during any holiday, especially for those who are afraid of eavesdropping on mobile devices, do not want personal information to be leaked to unauthorized individuals, and do not believe that if the phone is turned off, it cannot be tracked;

The use of such devices is legal.

Some people may argue that when a smartphone is placed in a box, the device will not receive updates, and its software will not communicate with the server. But think about data exchange, okay? After all, everyone knows that iPhone users often "see" global companies like Apple and Google, meaning that unauthorized individuals can access any information. In addition, are you satisfied with the highly accurate determination of the location of people using mobile devices? If you are concerned about update issues, the device will receive them anyway, as long as you remove them from the shell.

Each of us makes our own decisions on how to protect our privacy, but such cover is the best, affordable, and legal way to suppress cellular communication and thus protect information. For those who frequently fly or work in medical institutions with wireless sensitive devices, this device will be a useful gift. Manufacturers have developed a wide range of enclosures, so you can easily find devices of the right size.

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