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Cell Phone Content Blocker Prevents Fraud

Causevic Safet 2022/06/19

Many schools now install Cell Phone Content Blocker in order to prevent the occurrence of fraudulent behavior. However, whether the school or the students, do not know how many meters the best use range of the signal jammer in the examination room is. In fact, the scope of use is also related to the brand. The range of most mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room is within 200 meters, and such a mobile phone signal jammer is usually installed in a classroom. However, there are some that can reach coverage in the thousand square. Therefore, the use range of the mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room is related to the product itself. As for its optimal use range, it generally refers not to the coverage of the signal, but to the range from the base station or amplifier. The best use of mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room is within 200 meters from the base station or amplifier.

Many people don't know what the rank cracking is. In fact, it has become a very important Cell Phone Content Blocker solution. We found that our mobile phone could not search for any signal in the specified field, but under such conditions, If we can figure out the relationship between the ranks and successfully crack the application password, then our mobile phone can search for the signal in a short time, and can also connect to the network at the same time, but this type of method is only applicable to On the average cell phone jammer , it seems that high-end mobile phone jammers are difficult to be cracked by us. There are actually many mobile phone signal jammer solutions, but the simplest one is the wifi cracking method. Of course, if we want to adopt such a method, we really need to meet certain requirements, and this requirement is relatively high among various cracking methods. We We must ensure that there is available wifi around. If wireless is not available, we can consider whether we can use traffic. Generally speaking, there is no traffic where there is no signal, so we should still turn our attention to wifi, as long as it can be successful Connect to wifi, then various answers can naturally be sent to our mobile phones.