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Terrorist Use GPS Jamming Devices Too

Perfectjammer 2022/07/08

  The Iraqi military used at least six of these high-powered GpS jammers, which cost $40,000 or more each, during the war. All six were quickly eliminated by U.S. forces over the course of two nights.

  GpS is a very weak signal that can be jammed for a radius of several miles with a medium-powered jammer. Given the nature of GpS and its vulnerability, its use in military expeditions is limitless.

  That's why the US military is working on launching 20 new GpS satellites in the coming years. These new satellites would transmit a GpS signal eight times stronger than the current signal, which means that any potential jammers would have to increase in size and complexity.

  GpS blockers are cheap and easy to find on the internet. It’s no surprise that criminals use them to conceal their identity and location during thefts.

  Even criminal gangs are using them as they work over tens of kilometres. So, drug gangs or cartels might use them to disrupt navigation if they were taking a delivery and didn't want rivals to be able to locate them.

  They are even being used by criminal gangs to help them steal expensive cars and lorries carrying valuable loads. This means that, in case a GPS jammers were to be used, a tracker built into an armoured van or an armoured truck with an anti-theft GpS device would not be able to report its position if stolen or hijacked.