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Rfid Blocking Cell Phone Case Covers Every Corner Of The Examination Room

Fezeu Calvin 2022/06/15

Many people are also very curious about how exam Rfid Blocking Cell Phone Case can counteract these cheating phenomena. In fact, based on the method of cheating by using communication equipment, no matter what method is used, signals must be sent and received in the exam room. However, in the exam, the mobile phone signal No signal can be received within the effective shielding range of the jammer, because it has the function of isolating communication signals and WIFI signals. This range is generally about 0 to 50 meters in radius, and a low-power device can just cover it. One classroom, so what we can see is that each classroom has a computer installed. In fact, for schools, it is necessary to choose a high-performance mobile phone signal jammer when purchasing an exam mobile phone signal jammer, because in this way, a strong shielding effect can be guaranteed and every part of the exam room can be covered.

How to improve the shielding effect of Rfid Blocking Cell Phone Case , let the mobile phone signal jammer manufacturers tell you that with the continuous development of communication technology in recent years, the signals sent by the base station can already meet the needs of different devices, and the function of the mobile phone signal jammer is only to meet the special range. The effect of interfering with the base station signal just improves the shielding effect of the mobile phone signal jammer in a specific range, mainly to effectively improve the operating performance of the cell phone jammer device. As we all know, the performance and functions of today's operator base stations are extremely powerful, and the coverage areas and application scenarios are relatively large, under such a powerful background. How to avoid affecting the normal operation of other devices when using a mobile phone signal jammer, this topic has also become a topic of great concern to the general public. Today, I will talk about how to improve the mobile phone signal jammer device. Affect the normal use of other surrounding equipment.