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Use GPS jamming to deal with spouses installing tracking apps on your phone

Perfectjammer 2022/07/08

  Against Your Spouse Installing a GpS Tracking App On Your phone

  This is a major issue that is a cause for concern for a lot of our clients. Infidelity is the number one reason for divorce in every country. When doubts about our spouses’ loyalty start running in our minds, we resort to technology to spy on them. It’s basic human nature.

  Technology has helped us exponentially in this cause. So, beware of any mobile application that you don’t remember downloading or recognize because that might be the software that allows your other half to track your every move.

  If you’re cheating on your spouse, maybe you brought this upon yourself. Nevertheless, by placing a GpS bug or installing spy software on your smartphone your spouse is committing a crime.Your use of GPS jammers is also the corresponding countermeasure