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Call Blocking On Cell Phone Verizon Has Little Coverage

Call Blocking On Cell Phone Verizon Has Little Coverage

The conference room space of 200 square meters is not too big or too small. According to the coverage radius of the commonly used low-power mobile phone signal jammers, if you want to use only a small Call Blocking On Cell Phone Verizon to shield the mobile phone signal, the shielding effect will generally not be achieved. Require. The reason is: the cheap low-power models of mobile phone signal jammers basically use omnidirectional antennas. During the actual installation process in the conference room, the mobile phone signal jammer cannot be installed in the center of the venue, but installed At both ends or both sides of the venue. Then, a considerable part of the distance that shields the mobile phone signal will be blocked by the wall and can only be wasted. If you consider the influence of the distance of the base station around the conference room or if there are indoor signal amplifiers installed in the building, the number of mobile phone signal jammers required is generally 2-4 units. They are installed at the front and rear ends of the venue or symmetrically on both sides of the venue, which can basically ensure the signal shielding effect in the 200-square-meter conference room.

Some parents said in an interview that their children often play with their mobile phones and cannot put it down. In the long run, their eyesight deteriorates, and their academic performance is not satisfactory. The results were minimal. This time, I didn't expect that there is a device like Call Blocking On Cell Phone Verizon . After it is installed in the school, the child's mobile phone can no longer play, so he can study with peace of mind. After a period of observation, it is found that many students with poor grades in the past have made significant progress, which has a great relationship with Cell Phone Jammer . There are many parents of students who also want to install a mobile phone blocker at home. Here, parents should be reminded that the mobile phone signal blocker has a large shielding range. If it is used at home, it is better to use a mobile phone blocking cabinet.

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