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cell phone jammer In Modern Business

Perfectjammer 2022/06/29

cell phone jammmer

For the modern business has become a necessity to protect their business information. Protect information in computers, laptops and PDAs as possible with access passwords, and with the help of special programs that monitor and interdict must be confessed spy connect over the Internet.

To do this, enterprises enter the security services and are accepted without doubt the appropriate action. In addition, there are in fact special devices to help protect themselves from industrial and economic espionage.

Commercial espionage against company property

In history there are cases where the more valuable information fall into the hands of intelligence, thanks to the usual bugs, set in the right places. A striking now, as you know, one of the areas of intelligence agencies of different states was just amazing economic espionage. The object of this espionage can be a successful marketing solutions companies, their plans to seize the market, the planned contracts, and so in fact such information. Some really large U.S. firms have already received a really big contracts with the data obtained, with the help of espionage.

Device for active protection from spyware is, above all, suppression of cell phones and voice recorders. After vzapravdu cell phones can also be used as bugs for the wiretapping of conversations, and at any distance. Even if you turn off the phone, but do not remove it from the battery, it can be quite still remotely connect using special equipment and use it as a bug. The phone will not give any indication that it is conducted through wiretapping.

The home field of future wars is science and technology

"The first shot fired in a battle is no longer a bullet, it's an electron," Stephen Hogan, Northrop Grumman Information Operations and Electronic Attack v.p., said in a statement.

Suppressors of cellular communication, or as they are called, cell phone jammer, are one of the most effective measure to ensure the safety of your office.