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Hidden Cell Phone Detector

Ritter Florian 2022-01-13

In recent years, with the increasing demand for confidentiality, many secret-related units, examination rooms, financial institutions and other units have installed Hidden Cell Phone Detector , and a wide variety of mobile phone signal jammers have appeared on the market. The parameters are different, but no matter what the difference is, most of the cell phone jammer 's work principle is to interfere with the communication downlink frequency band, so when working, it is bound to emit electromagnetic waves of a certain power to the surrounding, so are these electromagnetic waves harmful to the human body? Let's take a look at it in action. We found a mainstream product with relatively more applications on the market, the mobile communication mobile phone jammer. By looking at the technical white paper of the device, we can know that the device has 13 transmitting units, corresponding to different frequency bands. According to the white paper, the The transmitting power of each transmitting unit of the device is less than 2W, that is to say, if the device is turned on at full power and the total transmitting power is less than 26W, can the electromagnetic waves emitted by the transmitting unit of 26W power cause harm to the human body?

First of all, by checking the national standard electromagnetic environment control limit GB 8702-2014 and the emission frequency range of this Hidden Cell Phone Detector equipment, we can see that the emission frequency of this equipment is concentrated in the two frequency ranges required by the national standard, which are 30MHz~3000MHz and 3000MHz~15000MHz respectively. According to the environmental monitoring report of Lixin Technology's equipment, it can be found that the strongest radiation points in the range of 30MHz~3000MHz and 3000MHz~15000MHz of this equipment are located at point 4, measured at 30°1m to the left of the antenna, respectively 11.16V/m and 10.20V/m, and then by comparing the corresponding standards in the national standard, the limit of public exposure between 30MHz and 3000MHz shall not exceed 12V/m; between 3000MHz and 15000MHz, it shall not exceed 0.22f1/2. Note 1 reminds that the unit of frequency f is the unit of the first column in the row, so we take the minimum value f=3000, 0.22f1/2=12.05V/m, in summary, all parameters of this device are in within the national standard.