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100 Emf Blocking Cell Phone Case

Perfectjammer 2022-03-01

100 Emf Blocking Cell Phone Case

For our 100 Emf Blocking Cell Phone Case , it is superior to the ring sensor type hand probe, ultra-high sensitivity, special application. Such as college entrance examination, chip factory, archaeological research, hospital, etc. cell phone jammer It is used to check the specific location of the metal carried by the person, and can also be used in conjunction with the metal detection door. When the security door alarms and finds metal objects, the hand-held metal detector can be used to find the exact location of the hidden metal objects. The hand-held mobile phone jammer adopts a rectangular shape. The detection head, the detection area is 12 cm long, when inspecting the human body, the inspection work is completed at one time from top to bottom. Before using the handheld detector, first open the battery compartment cover on the back of the instrument and insert the battery. This instrument uses a 9V laminated battery, please note that the nominal voltage on the battery must be 9V, and other voltages must not be substituted.

The power consumption of this instrument is very low, and each newly installed battery can work for about 50 hours. When the battery power drops to 10%, the instrument can no longer work normally, and the speaker will make intermittent clicking sound, prompting us to replace the new battery. When using the hand-held 100 Emf Blocking Cell Phone Case , the security inspector holds the handle with his hand, presses the start button with his thumb, and then releases it, the signal light of the instrument starts to flash, and the horn emits a very slight buzzing sound at the same time, indicating that the instrument has entered the working state. The staff scans back and forth on the surface of the inspected person (or object) with the device turned on. If there is a metal object, the device will make a sound. After checking the work, you should press the stop button to avoid wasting battery power.

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