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HR Block Cell Phone Deduction

Perfectjammer 2022-02-23

HR Block Cell Phone Deduction

The communication between the mobile phone and the base station is connected by radio waves, and the transmission of data and sound is completed with a certain baud rate and modulation method. The working principle of HR Block Cell Phone Deduction is very simple. Generally, the method of co-channel interference is adopted. Some products now also add digital point frequency hopping technology to perform segmental processing on the shielded frequency band, and the shielding effect of the signal is better. When the mobile phone signal jammer is working, the mobile phone will have no signal, search the network and so on. Mobile phone signal is a kind of electromagnetic wave. 4G is divided into several frequency bands, and the frequencies and wavelengths are different. If you have related radio technology, you can also make your own mobile phone jammer. Need to know that any cell phone jammer is a high-power device with high radiation intensity, which is harmful to the human body. Check the frequency band that the cell phone signal jammer interferes with. The ordinary cell phone jammer can only block 5 frequency bands, while the high-end cell phone signal jammer can block 10 or more signal channels. This is an ordinary mobile phone signal jammer, which can only interfere with 5 frequency bands, the frequency range of telecommunications bands40 is 2370-2390 MHz, and it cannot be shielded. Therefore, we can change a telecom card and bypass the shield. Transform your phone.

The mobile phone signal jammer uses 10W high power, the interference strength is -60dBm, (-5dBm is better than -90dBm signal), we modify the transmit power of the mobile phone, and use the directional antenna facing the base station to achieve the effect of breaking through the interference. However, if the signal power of the mobile phone exceeds the standard, it will affect your health. closure HR Block Cell Phone Deduction . At present, most mobile phone jammers support all frequency bands, no matter if you are a 2G or 4G mobile phone, they are all within the interference range. The simple, rude and effective method is to turn off the power of the mobile phone signal jammer! In addition, if it is the college entrance examination, you should not think about it, and you will be sentenced to at least 3 years for doing so. The current mobile phone jammer is basically impossible to crack, because the power of the mobile phone signal jammer cover is larger than the original signal of the mobile phone, and the amplifier is used to amplify the signal while amplifying the shielding interference, which is still far overwhelming the original signal. Because you can't selectively only amplify the useful signal, if you can really "select" this, just eliminate the interference and receive it directly, why use the amplifier.

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