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Can You Block Cell Phone Service In One Room Eliminates Security Hazards

Perfectjammer 2022/05/09

With the continuous development trend of science and technology, the penetration rate of mobile phones supporting 5G communication is rising rapidly. While 5G technology is convenient, we should also pay attention to the data leakage problem caused by 5G mobile communication technology. Especially in some places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited, such as secret-related agencies, scientific research units, detention centers, college entrance examination rooms and other unique places, more regulations have been made on the technical nature of Cell Phone Jammer . In order to ensure that these places will not have a negative impact due to the use of mobile phones, it is necessary to use Can You Block Cell Phone Service In One Room to carry out the work of blocking mobile phone signals. Nowadays, mobile phone detection and shielding work has eliminated many security risks that disrupted discipline for key venues, such as the examination room, so that students can ensure that no communication equipment can be brought into the examination room when they enter the examination room, even if they are lucky enough to be brought into the examination room. It is also impossible to communicate or surf the Internet normally, so that all students compete under fair and equitable conditions.

It is now the exam season, and schools are starting to prepare for the exam. Whether it is the arrangement of the examination room or the order of the examination room, the school is troubled. The biggest headache for schools is to prevent students from cheating through mobile phones, Bluetooth and other technological means. In order to ensure that candidates have a good examination environment and prevent cheating by using modern communication tools, if you want to do a good job of Can You Block Cell Phone Service In One Room in the examination room, you need a reasonable school examination room mobile phone signal shielding scheme. In order to formulate a reasonable mobile phone signal shielding plan in the school examination room, it is necessary to formulate an appropriate signal shielding plan according to the specific situation of the examination room. For example, the distance between the examination room and the signal tower and the size of the examination room will affect the mobile phone signal shielding effect. If the distance from the signal tower is far, and the area of ​​the test room does not exceed 100 square meters, a small mobile phone signal jammer can be used; if the classroom area is large, a single medium-power signal jammer or multiple low-power signal jammers can be used to ensure Shielding effect; if there is a signal tower within 200 meters of the test room, in order to ensure the shielding effect, it is best to use a signal jammer with higher power.