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Cell Phone Signal Blocking Pu Leather Fabric Needs To Be Selected In Combination With The Region Of Use

Perfectjammer 2022/05/07

Now many schools are asking how much is the test room-type 5g mobile phone signal jammer? Now I will tell you that the current price of ordinary test room-type 5G mobile phone signal jammers is generally between 200 yuan and 600 yuan. This type of low-power Cell Phone Signal Blocking Pu Leather Fabric is mainly used for indoor and escort vehicles. The test site is used less frequently. If you need to use low-power Cell Phone Jammer , you need to install several more. The second is 1000 yuan - 5000 yuan, which needs to be installed according to the site environment where you are. This type of shielding device is most suitable for use in the examination room, and you can shield all signals by installing one. Then, the price of high-power signal jammers is relatively expensive. The examination room generally does not use such equipment, and such equipment is not considered for the time being. In fact, whether it is hundreds or thousands or even tens of thousands of signal jammers, you need to choose according to the area you use, and the price of the jammer is also different according to the different materials.

Prison cell phone jammers are also cell phone jammers that block the transmission of cellular and wifi signals, while at the same time it requires more and more electrical engineering. This 200W Waterproof High Power with Wireless Antenna for Control Panel Cell Phone Signal Blocking Pu Leather Fabric "For example, this high-power mobile phone jammer is designed with an output power of 200W, and can have an impact distance of up to 150 meters depending on the network signal in a given area. Therefore, the jammer on this 200W high-power mobile phone can disconnect the data signal of 3G4G and WiFi signals at the same time. In addition to the high-power mobile phone jammer application, the wireless antenna has been used in the control panel of the mobile phone jammer, Therefore, it can have a strong working ability to block out data signals. This high-power mobile phone jammer is especially suitable for outdoor applications. Waterproof design, waterproof design. For details, please check the specifications and models under the product page.