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Can Block Qustodio In Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021-12-17

Can Block Qustodio In Cell Phone

Some time ago, Fuyang No.1 School thought of a new "solution" for students who are addicted to mobile phones: install Can Block Qustodio In Cell Phone on the campus and turn it on regularly every night to prevent students from using mobile phones at night. However, in the past two days, there were voices on the Internet. Some residents near the school said that when they used their mobile phones at home, the signal was not stable, which was suspected to be related to the school’s mobile phone signal jammer. Regarding the issue of mobile phone signal jammers, the reporter consulted a staff member of the Radio Management Bureau. The working principle of the cell phone jammer is described in a professional manner: when the mobile phone and the base station transmit signals, the interference signal scan signal is transmitted with a signal faster than the mobile phone transmission frequency, and this scan signal can disrupt the communication frequency between the base station and the mobile phone. It can cause the mobile phone to not receive the base station information and achieve the "shielding effect" of no signal.

The school blocks cell phone signals to allow students to study at ease, rest, and stop playing games. However, to have a good original intention, you must use the right method. The school stated that it is only used at night. If the surrounding residents react, the school cannot take it seriously. Schools are not professionals, and they lack understanding of the consequences of installing mobile phone signal jammers. At present, the relevant regulatory authorities have been involved in the investigation. The management department also made a statement for this: " Can Block Qustodio In Cell Phone belongs to a type of radio station. Except for mobile communication terminals and home WIFI transmitters, which have a small impact, they do not need to be approved. All other radio stations involve the use of frequencies. All are subject to examination and approval.” It can be seen that the issues involved are not simple. It does not mean that installation can be installed. Putting the mobile phone in the mobile phone shielding cabinet before class can achieve a better signal shielding effect, which can not only solve the problem of excessive use of mobile phones by students, but also avoid disturbing the normal life of residents around the school. According to research, the principle of the mobile phone shielding cabinet is different from that of the mobile phone jammer. The mobile phone shielding cabinet uses the propagation characteristics of electromagnetic waves to make a hexahedral cabinet with metal materials. The interface reflection loss and the reflection loss in the board greatly weaken the energy of the electromagnetic wave, so that the shielding cabinet has a shielding effect. Because it has the effect of shielding mobile phone signals, when the mobile phone placed in the mobile phone shielding cabinet makes an external call, the phenomenon of "the phone you dialed cannot be connected, please call again later", so it has become a party and government agency, school examination room, Prisons, courts, conference venues and other places that require confidentiality, quietness, explosion-proof, and anti-interference are standard security equipment.

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