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Naha Thabo 2021-11-6

Multi-channel development, creating an atmosphere of integrity in the examination. Launched a series of topics on integrity examinations on the WeChat platform, and intensified the publicity of penal provisions for cheating in examinations through various forms such as websites, publicity boards, and electronic screens, so as to improve candidates’ awareness of compliance with laws and integrity examinations. Take multiple measures to ensure the safety and order of the exam. Implement a "second security check" system at the entrance of the test area and the entrance of the test room, set up an "item storage" outside each test area, and strictly prohibit test takers from bringing items irrelevant to the test into the closed area and the test room, and configure Block Number On Verizon Cell Phone and metal detectors for each test room , Invisible earphone detectors and other equipment; uniformly equipped with test stationery for management candidates; set up monitoring and mobile signal jammers in corridors, bathrooms and other areas; arrange radio monitoring vehicles to detect suspicious radio signals throughout the campus to ensure The test site monitoring is fully covered; each test is equipped with a video invigilator, and there is no blind spot to monitor the dynamics of the test room throughout the process, enhance deterrence, and ensure fairness and justice in the test. cell phone jammer

Make more efforts to ensure the smooth progress of the exam. Provide Block Number On Verizon Cell Phone for invigilators and students of Yushan campus, and coordinate with Qingdao Road Transportation Administration to appropriately encrypt the schedule of bus routes passing through the school to solve the traffic problems of invigilators and candidates; in the first canteen and the second canteen on the Laoshan campus Set up a "postgraduate entrance examination package window" to facilitate the eating of candidates and invigilators; set up examination room guides at the main intersections of the campus and the entrance of each floor to provide candidates with consulting services; provide emergency medical services with specialized medical staff, and set up rest areas and test areas for candidates Outside bathroom. During the examination, the inspection team of Shandong Admissions and Examination Institute inspected the school's examination work, and the inspection team fully affirmed the organization of examination affairs. The Graduate School, the Office of the Party Committee, the Office of the President, the Office of the Disciplinary Committee, the Office of Supervision, the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee, the Academic Affairs Office, the Security Office, the Logistics Support Office, the Network and Information Center and other departments work together. , Performing their respective duties to ensure the safe, standardized and orderly completion of the school's 2020 postgraduate enrollment examination work.