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The jammer has been closely connected with our lives

Perfectjammer 2020-08-20

The jammer has been closely connected with our lives

Nowadays, wireless technology has become a very important part of our lives. Mobile phones, radios, WiFi, navigators, etc. have been used in wireless technology. One of the most outstanding examples of such widely used wireless technology is GPS. Now that GPS is popular, we went to an unfamiliar place. The first thing we used was GPS navigation, so you can easily find your destination, and you will also use GPS navigation when planning your travel route. There is no doubt that GPS navigation is inseparable from our lives, which may be the main reason why GPS jammers violate the law. They are dangerous because they can disrupt important communications.

U.S. military experts said that during the closed exercise, the GPS signal in the vicinity of the US military battlefield reached its maximum limit, which means that a large number of domestic civil aviation flights are serious. This also shows that the exercise is "real". sacrifice. The U.S. military believes that when fighting against competitors, the country may have the ability to use gps jammer technology for jamming. Therefore, it is prepared to fight in the worst conditions and show us the true situation without GPS assistance. the power of. Rejecting GPS has become a major problem for US military planners. Companion countries, especially Russia, have used GPS deception and jamming strategies in various training activities to work near their own borders. We have discussed this situation extensively before, and I encourage you to read this article to understand how much the loss of reliable GPS data means to the United States and its allies during such a huge war. Obstacles to overcome.

Today, almost everyone knows what Bluetooth is. Like any other technology, Bluetooth is actually under development, and there are many ways to block Bluetooth signals. What is Bluetooth? Bluetooth is a low-power wireless connection technology used to stream audio, transmit data and send information between devices. There are two types of Bluetooth technology, basic rate/enhanced data rate (BR/EDR) and low power consumption (LE). Basically, this frequency is very suitable for transferring data between two devices. And why one must stop this useful function. Many people are transferring files via Bluetooth, and transferring files is prohibited in some places, such as company confidential files, and the technology works at 2.4 GHz, similar to wireless networks, and wireless networks can be used by hackers to steal your confidential information.

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