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GPS jammers can keep users silent

Perfectjammer 2020-12-03

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The GPS deception/jammer system requires some technical personnel to design and build. The Chinese have previously developed and built advanced equipment, but so far, the police have not found possible clues. It is suspected that this equipment may be North Korean, because North Korea has developed more sophisticated methods to smuggle sanctioned goods to and from North Korea. If they create such a device, of course they will not issue a press release about it, but will sell it in cash or cryptocurrency at an appropriate price.

Users of gps jammer often remain silent about this. In the past few years, more and more evidence shows that Russia often interferes with or deceives GPS signals, mainly to hide the exact location of key figures or military units. Such equipment development can easily be carried out within Russia's capabilities. In early 2019, a civilian think tank (C4ADS) released a report describing how they found nearly 10,000 instances of people, apparently Russians were interfering with or deceiving satellite navigation signals. Not only the GPS of the United States, but also the signals sent by non-US satellite navigation systems (Beidou in China, Galileo in the EU, QZAA in Japan and even GLONASS in Russia). Most of this activity is not complete interference, but deception. This is obviously done to cover up the true location of the main Russian officials (such as President Putin) and the Russian military. Deception is particularly common among Russian troops in Ukraine and Syria. Deception replaces the actual satellite signal with the wrong signal, resulting in inaccurate smart bombs or planned attacks on the target.

Deception has become more and more popular and practical because it does not require expensive or high-tech equipment. Although US weapons and military navigation systems have backups in the form of non-interferable INS (Internal Navigation System) systems, these backups will be useless if deception is not detected. US systems should be able to detect deception and revert to INS, but the Americans did not disclose details of how these systems work, so that deceptive systems are difficult to modify to be difficult to detect. This is one of the reasons why the United States has not released information about fraud. Compounding the problem is the fact that AIS equipment reports that there is no GPS signal at all. Large ships usually carry two AIS devices in case one of them fails.

The complaints of other countries are not so secret, and the culprit is usually Russia. At the end of 2018, Finland and Norway publicly accused Russia of deliberately interfering with GPS signals in northern Finland and Norway at locations near Russian military bases on the Kola Peninsula in the Barents Sea. Since NATO’s end of the Cold War in 1991, NATO has held its largest training exercises, causing interference. Although Russia is known to have long-range GPS jammers for GPS and other signals, Russia does not assume any responsibility. Norway stated that they had tracked the jammer to a specific location, but when Russia refused to admit that there was any interference, Norway refused to explain how they tracked the signal because it would provide Russia with information about the Norwegian EW (Electronic Warfare) that might be useful to them. Information about the device.

What is curious about this incident is that it has no impact on NATO's military exercises, even when the GPS signal is not working properly, even commercial airliners operating in the area have a backup (INS) system. Potential victims are civilians with small aircraft or on the ground, who rely on commercial navigation devices that use GPS. Then again, this may be the key, because Russian companies have been producing various GPS jammers for a long time. These jammers are usually ineffective against military GPS users, but against criminals, terrorists, or those involved in irregular warfare. Anyone is useful (because Russia has been in Ukraine (since 2014). As for the destruction of diplomatic relations with Norway and Finland, these two countries don’t need to remind people of what bad neighbor Russia is, and has always been. C4ADS It is concluded that whenever President Putin travels on business, deception in Russia is a very common practice. This may be a security measure, using drones loaded with explosives to carry out assassinations. This has become common to Islamic terrorists. Tactics, they believe that Putin is the main target of drone attacks.

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