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The coverage of mobile jammers is different

Perfectjammer 2021-04-01

cell phone jammer

Is it legal to use a cell phone jammer?

The reality is that signal jammers should not cause harm. Even by blocking cell phone signals, the frequency of the GSM emergency call service will not be interfered.

Using this device can provide you and your customers with the peace of mind they deserve. Disturbance can also make people in your building or company enjoy peace and safety.

How does the manual stopper work?

If you want to learn more about cell phone jammer technology, you can learn how cell phone signal blockers work.

In order to better understand how interference works, it is helpful to first understand how mobile phones work.

This is how the phone works

In short, each mobile phone uses two different frequencies. One of these frequencies is used to send information, and the other frequency is used to receive information.

Regardless of the frequency used, the signal must first come from the phone and then sent to the base station. It is forwarded from the base station to the receiving mobile phone.

Use of mobile phone jammers
When using a mobile jammer, the signal sent by the mobile phone conflicts with the signal sent by the mobile jammer. If the two signals conflict, the following will happen:
The phone signal has been basically deleted
The connection between the base station and the handset has been disconnected
Users of mobile phones cannot make or receive calls

To shield the signal in a certain area, it is important to choose the best cell phone signal jammer model.

Some models can transmit signals over a larger area than others. Therefore, you need to estimate your needs and required coverage. Therefore, you can choose the mobile jammer that suits you.

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