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Stiffler Simon 2022-01-14

For all mobile phone users, the 2015 National College Entrance Examination will be held from June 7th to 8th. During the test period, each test center will turn on high-power Block Cell Phone Number Call , which will greatly affect the call quality of surrounding users, such as frequent call failures, unconnected calls , intermittent calls, slow Internet access on mobile phones, etc. For the sake of the majority of candidates, please understand all friends who live near the test center! What the hell is this? This starts with cell phone jammer in the college entrance examination. First of all, our flowers were initially assumed to be dishonest bad children. Those adults thought they would cheat in the college entrance examination and use all kinds of high-end electronic communication equipment, so they moved the signal jammer. Killer. It is possible to make a classroom and an examination room "isolated" from the perspective of electronic communication. At present, various communication tools use electromagnetic waves or radio waves to transmit signals. Classroom cell phone jammers can do the trick.

If the classroom is tightly wrapped around it like a big cage, no electromagnetic signals can get out or come in, and all the signals sent by the mobile phone inside will be absorbed by the walls. But if this is an electromagnetic shielding laboratory, it is OK, but it is not feasible for ordinary classrooms. Therefore, the Block Cell Phone Number Call used in the current college entrance examination is not the mobile phone signal jammer mentioned above. At present, the principle of signal shielding for the college entrance examination is that when your mobile phone is sending and receiving information, the mobile phone jammer acts as a super cheerleader to "shout", and the "noise signal" is so large that your mobile phone "ear" cannot hear clearly. Mouth" can't shout from cell phone jammers. To put it simply, this is not blocking your signal (it is difficult to block the signal and requires very harsh conditions), but blocking your signal. It is to bury your useful electromagnetic wave signals in a large number of useless signals. Or you can put it this way, you are whispering to your girlfriend, and suddenly 20 foreigners come and rap loudly in 20 foreign languages ​​at the same time, and you can't hear your girlfriend.