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Mobile jammers have a safe performance range

Perfectjammer 2021-04-06

cell phone jammer

The higher the output of the mobile phone jammer, the better the effect. However, this is not the case. For example, if the room is about 400 to 500 square feet, you need to choose a cell phone jammer that can shield about 600 square feet. Not that the greater the power, the better. After all, mobile phone signal jammers have a safe performance range. Some customers said why most companies have poor machine shielding effects when the signal source is very close, while some companies have achieved good results. In fact, the signal shielding effect is poor when the signal source is turned off, which proves that these services are legal.

Note that safety is the scope of performance. On the contrary, when the signal source is very close, the shielding effect is very good, and the performance is also very good. It is best to take care of these machines, because these machines have exceeded the safety capabilities of normal use. This not only affects the upstream signal source, but also has potential security risks. Therefore, customers who purchase these products should be careful. As a result, the performance of mobile phone jammers will not reach the highest level.

Mobile phones, also known as mobile phones, handheld mobile phones, carry-on wallets, restaurants, entertainment venues, travel, life services, Baidu Baike, etc. It's a mobile phone. It brings many unnecessary problems to people, such as: calling loudly on the bus, listening to various music in public places, watching TV, walking while eating with relatives and friends, playing with mobile phones while chatting, etc. They are all bad habits in life. Mobile phones bring convenience to people, but there are also problems!

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