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Need to focus while driving

Nowadays, many drivers make phone calls while driving. This can easily cause a car accident. In order to avoid this kind of thing from happening, you can buy a mobile phone jammer.


Although this should not be said, but we still have to say. Equipping and activating one or more mobile interference devices does not guarantee that you will never receive a ticket. In other words, there are many things that irritate the mobile cell phone jammer to fail to do. For example, a cell phone jammer will not block the radio signal of a radar gun unless it is also designed for this purpose. It is also possible that the phone is used at an angle missed by the phone jammer. In addition, the traffic police are not blind. If you drift around a 25 mph turn at 60 mph, they can see your reckless driving without special equipment. Or, they can simply follow you in an unmarked police car, match your speed, and then read their speedometer. Most importantly, the use of jamming equipment should effectively reduce the possibility of speeding tickets. But this does not change the fact that speeding is illegal. Therefore, the only guaranteed way to avoid speeding tickets is to comply with the speed limit.