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Mobile phone jammers have complex effects

Various factors can have complex effects on mobile phone jammers, so how should we avoid them?


The level of personal mobile communication technology has been significantly improved. 3G and 4G technologies are very common. Smartphones do not work properly in areas such as prisons and detention centers. The installation of cell phone jammer in prisons has reached an imminent point. Each base station has a different power and number of channels. The distance from each base station to the prison may be different. It is recommended that you do not install base stations within the range of 2-300m from the monitoring area. If the base station is too close, the signal will have a strong influence. Each prison is different in size, structure, size and height. The distribution direction, power, and terrain of mobile base stations around each prison are also different. The signal strength of the mobile phone transmitted by the base station is also different. The method of setting up jammers in the prison is based on the actual situation on the scene. Even in the same environment, the base station's signal may be affected by air humidity, resulting in fluctuations in signal strength. Between indoor and outdoor, the ground, building structure, etc. will have a complex impact on mobile phone jammers.