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How to temporarily shield the GPS locator on the vehicle

Jacob 2022/10/17

  It is suspected that there is GPS positioning on the car, and it is inconvenient to remove the detection point. Can you block it? In fact, it is easy to deal with this situation, as long as you use a GPS positioning blocker.

How to temporarily shield the GPS locator on the vehicle

  The GPS jammers mainly release radio interference waves, which can make the GPS locator ineffective within the specified electromagnetic band, and form the same electromagnetic environment as the device to achieve the purpose of blocking the signal. The GPS positioning blocker can block the GPS satellite signal so that the data cannot be uploaded to the platform so that the device cannot be used normally when offline.

  This applies to all vehicles that prevent being located, such as: 1. Prevent malicious location and whereabouts, etc.

  2. Purchased mortgage or used car 3. Speed ​​limit the use of buses, buses, etc.

  When choosing the right GPS jammer, you need to be clear on which frequency bands you need to cut off the GPS signal and make sure you can choose and pick up the right one. And there are handheld, mini, desktop, and high-power GPS jammers for sale, or designed for automotive use. Taking into account the above factors, you will also need to choose one that meets your details. will provide you with a powerful GPS signal jammer to keep hidden GPS tracking devices or spies from working.