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My ex has a GPS tracker in my car, what should I do?

Jacob 2022/10/17

  My ex is a manipulative guy so I broke up with him(Any similarity is purely inevitable)... After we broke up, he kept calling and harassing me. In a fit of rage, I blocked it. I even switched places to avoid him.

My ex has a GPS tracker in my car, what should I do?

  He would follow me down the road, honking his horn all the time of the day and driving past my house. Sometimes he blows cigarettes in my letterbox. I don't smoke, so he knew I'd go downstairs and smell it. But oddly, he always found me when I was driving out.

  Once I was driving to a customer and had a good chat with the customer, but my ex-boyfriend suddenly rushed in front of him and spat at the customer... Not only slapped me but managed to piss off my clients. I found out later that my ex-boyfriend always found me whenever I drove away, and he found me in a lot of places. I'm having a nervous breakdown right now because of my ex-boyfriend's harassment! ! Now I can't even drive the car.

  I suspect my ex has a GPS tracker in my car. Using smart technology to spy on or abuse your partner will become illegal under new domestic abuse laws announced today. Ministers said the new legal definition of domestic abuse would include "abuse of technology" (such as the use of hidden cameras and GPS tracking), which is documented in up to 72 percent of domestic abuse cases, according to charity Refuge.

  It's what you see in the movies, not in real life. Now, I know "tech abuse" can happen to anyone. Later, I saw a GPS jammers on the Internet and bought one to try.