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Shield GPS locators on the vehicle during private activities


  What to do when illegal GPS tracking threatens personal safety?

Shield GPS locators on the vehicle during private activities

  The fastest way is undoubtedly to directly enter the car into the factory for inspection, and let professional technicians conduct a comprehensive inspection, but because car trackers are often covered in dark colors, it is difficult to detect, so in addition to the option of entering the factory, you can also use external force. However, due to many external interference factors, most people choose to use another device "interrupter" when they suspect that their own vehicle is equipped with a tracker. It can help us manage our car, locate and query the location of the vehicle at any time, and conduct anti-theft tracking, which really makes us a lot more convenient.GPS signal jammer are mainly used to block the signal, so it will interfere with the use of mobile phones.

  Among them, satellite positioning tracker detector can transmit through the mobile network and SMS two methods, the communication must be used when using. If we really find that a locator is installed on the vehicle, we can take the means of calling the police to protect ourselves as soon as possible, and at the same time use the police's anti-location system to lock the position of the receiver of the locator to find out the location of the criminal suspect.

  It can be divided into two ways: satellite positioning tracker detector scanning and interrupter blocking signal. Generally, the police will handle such cases as illegal crimes as long as they involve illegal crimes, but if it does not constitute illegal or criminal acts , the police will only mediate between the two parties before further processing. So if we suspect that there is a locator on the car, it is best to go to a professional place for inspection as soon as possible. At present, the installation positions of the locator are endless, for example: the inner wall of the front and rear bumpers, the armrest box, the inner wall of the door panel and even the fuel tank may be adsorbed.

  The software is set to flight mode to avoid false alarms caused by the detection of the pilot signal. BUT, car GPS positioning is not only convenient for us, but also "convenient" for others, some criminals have quietly reached out to us, using this convenient function, the GPS tracker is secretly installed on the target car to complete the theft of information , so that the owner's privacy has become an open secret, making people feel uneasy. GPS jammers is a device that can block GPS signal, generally can be divided into two types: simple type and large type. When it comes to car GPS trackers, car owners are no strangers. The simple blocker can effectively block the tracking of GPS satellite positioning, but the large blocker can block the mobile phone and WIFI signals together, so the simple blocker is usually selected for use.

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