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How to see if the mobile phone jammer has an adjustment function

How do you think the mobile phone jammer has an adjustment function on the Internet? I don’t know if the one I bought has an adjustment function?

2021-05-24 at 10:30


In order to achieve the ideal state, the interference signal of the mobile phone is used to reach the goal.​​. The best option is to buy different types of small cell phone jammer in the market to meet your needs. Looking for something that can be intercepted from human signals. The interference signal of 3G mobile phone signals has an adjustment function, which can monitor the "mobile phone signal, you can use the remote control to adjust the four interference antennas" introduced here.

In addition, this 3G mobile phone jammer is designed with a good cooling fan system, so the 3G/4G mobile phone signal jammer will always be in good working condition. High temperature will damage the 3G mobile phone jammer and will not affect the use. Therefore, one aspect that people consider is that the interference power range of the 3G signal is very large. If you don't have to worry about the high interference capability of this 3G mobile phone, you can easily use it as a church, theater, concert hall, classroom, books, museum, bank, museum or other noisy places, but those that can't, and there are.